Being a Fan Does Not Make You a “Fanatic”

I will forever and always be a devoted fan of Emma Watson.  However, though I spend my time, show my interest, gather as much knowledge and media as possible – I am even willingly a self-proclaimed “addict” – I emphasize that I am NOT, nor will I ever be, the definition of a “fanatic.”

Let’s gather some information on the word “fanatic”:

fa∙nat∙ic (fuh-nat-ik)


1. a person with extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal

2. a person whose enthusiasm or zeal for something is extreme or beyond normal limits

Though I do admittingly possess some of these qualities – if I were ever to be considered a “fanatic” of Emma Watson, I would not be pleased.  I respect Emma as a real person, and her privacy, as well as her boundaries and limits.  I respect her desire for trying to obtain a  ”normal” existence more than any other aspect of her public life.

After all, she is just another person in the end.

It sincerely bothers me to watch this amazing person take on the horrors of fame – but it deeply inspires me to see her handle it with such true and honourable grace and beauty.  To have your whole life on public display all day and every day sounds like such a hardship, but Emma seems to handle it with the utmost balance and decorum.  For this trait, among her many other admirable qualities, I call myself an Emma Watson fan.

If I were ever graced with the unbelievable luck of meeting Emma in person – I would not scream and shout; I would not shove books and DVD casings in her face to sign; I would not trample her down in hopes to be ahead of the rest of the crowd of mass hysteria; and I, most importantly, would not harm or hurt others just to be closer to her.  If I were to ever meet her face-to-face, I would do two things: I would (if permitted) shake her hand and thank her for her generous contribution to film, as well as the the world with all of the fantastic humanitarian work she provides; and then I would tell her how much I respect her.  That would be the end of it. If she herself wishes to pursue a conversation with me, I wouldn’t deny her in the slightest (I’m not a complete idiot!)!  However, I would let her be…


… and not act like a fanatic …


I leave you with one my favorite clips of Emma, in a more recent interview on the Late Show with David Letterman – July 11th, 2011

She is quite excellent, isn’t she? 


~ by emwatsonaddict on August 9, 2011.

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