About Me

Hello all.

I am a working Junior Associate, currently pursuing an education while employed.

I am a big fan of Emma Watson and her work.  I like to point out that the word “fan” is short for the term “fanatic.”  Although I express an interest and put time into working on this blog and keeping it updated, as well as being a self-proclaimed “addict”, I am in no way a “fanatic” of Emma Watson.  I respect her and her privacy, as well as her boundaries and limits.  As it is, she is just another person in the end.  I respect her desire for trying to obtain a  “normal” existence more than any other aspect of her public life.

I hope you enjoy the blog, and please follow, subscribe, comment, and pass on so we can all share.



“I want to be normal.  I really want anonymity.” – Emma Watson



Photo credit to: Live4ArtInLA – wonderful hand-drawn portrait by this artist.  Visit the site to see other examples of the amazing work.


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