Emma’s Behind the Scenes on the Harper’s Bazaar UK Magazine Cover Shoot

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A Run-In with Helena Bonham Carter

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One of our admins has this TRUE STORY to share and, though it does not pertain to Emma directly, it does pertain to Helena Bonham Carter who played Bellatrix Lestrange opposite Emma in the Harry Potter movie franchise.  Here’s the story:

I was visiting Sea World in San Diego with my roommate a few years ago. At one point, we decided to look through one of the gift shops and see if anything caught our eye to buy and take home. At one point, my roommate was bending down, looking at some figures on a shelf, deciding if she liked one enough to buy. I was standing close to her, looking at other items on the top shelves, about eye level with me. The next few things happened very quickly, in only a matter of about 2 or 3 seconds, but it was very entertaining.

1. My roommate decided to pop up from bending down very quickly and without looking behind or around her before doing so.
2. I saw that my roommate was going to pop up directly into a woman holding her child.
3. I grabbed my roommate by the arm, preventing her from smacking into the woman and child who were looking at the same items I was looking at myself moments before.
4. My roommate almost lost her balance, but was able to stay solid.
5. The woman mouthed a quiet “Thanks” to me as I was trying to help steady my roommate, and I nodded a quick “You’re welcome” to her, without closely looking at her face.

All of a sudden, both my roommate and I looked at each other with wide eyes. I was in shock!! I had to turn around slowly to affirm that what I (and apparently my roommate) had seen was true. I turned around slowly and, lo and behold…

HELENA BONHAM CARTER and TIM BURTON were standing there!!

I had prevented my roommate from almost running smack into Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange)!!

Stupidest thing I could have done lol


Emma Makes an Appearance in Covent Garden

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Emma was seen out and about on 26 November in Covent Garden last weekend.  Find the photos below:



Emma (and the Harry Potter cast) Tries Out Their American Accents

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One of the admins found a hilarious clip of Emma and the Harry Potter cast trying out their American accents with words and phrases provided by the interviewer.  Check out the laughable reel here:

Emma Shines at the “My Week with Marilyn” London Premiere

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Emma Watson was the picture of confident chic at the premiere of My Week with Marilyn in London last night. In the absence of the film’s star, Michelle Williams, it was down to Emma to occupy the spotlight, and she did so with grace and sophistication wearing a monochrome look from Jason Wu.


In the film, Emma plays Lucy, a young wardrobe assistant who falls for assistant director Colin Clarke, whose role is played by rising star Eddie Redmayne. The two actors posed together on the red carpet where they were joined by other members of the cast as well as cast members from Downton Abbey.

View our favourite photos from the Premiere below (click on the images for larger versions)!:



Or, CLICK HERE to view an incredible gallery from all of last night’s Premiere photos

Out and About at Oxford

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Emma has been out and about at Oxford University and the city surrounding it.  Recently, she went and viewed the “Rum Diaries” staring Johnny Depp on November 8th.  View the candids below:


Emma Interviews for “My Week with Marilyn”

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The following interview with Emma on “My Week with Marilyn” was released recently.  Check out what Emma has to say about her upcoming movie!



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